Happy Birthday Ianna! How can she be 16?

October 2, 2016

Ianna Rose is 16!

Sixteen years ago, God’s Grace flooded our lives.
In a season where marital discord had crashed in to our young marriage, leaving us with shredded hearts,
Ianna was born.
“Ianna” is a Gaelic name that means
“God’s Grace.”
Grace was changing who we were and certainly nothing seemed more precious than true
Grace from God.
I don’t deserve the honor of being her mom-
yet isn’t that the way of our Shepherd?
After learning that our unborn baby was a girl, I’d dared to pray she’d have a lot of red hair-
I ached to know He was listening in that painful valley.

Was He smiling as He designed her DNA to her broken mother’s prayer- Or perhaps as He directed my heart to desire hair like this for her?  Either way, it was another time where He was saying,
“I’m here- even noticing your shy whispers and timid prayers- I’m here-  Redeeming- teaching you to love the ones who are broken.  Fear not.”

For 16 years, a day hasn’t passed where gratefulness and pleading for His grace to parent His children has evaded us.  Ianna, came into our arms, making us parents, bringing joy and amazement, healing and new awareness of His vast, intimate, powerful, graceful, love.  Becoming a parent has revealed more weaknesses in myself than I’d already seen.  Becoming a mom has been proof to me that God directs and redeems.
A lot.
 Ianna, I love you beyond my ability to express.
And now, I’m blown away by the gift of your wise, humble, discerning, business minded, creative, selfless, grateful, compassionate friendship.
The honor of raising you has been a gift beyond anything I could have dared to dream.  Your life is a brilliant example of beauty from ashes.  Looking at you, and the beauty that has grown around us is a brilliant reminder that not a shard or crack from our mistakes is out of His reach.  He directs and He redeems and He loves to lavish His love upon His children- in good times and in broken times.
Fear not this world.  Fear not making mistakes.
You run towards Him and the dreams He places within your heart and watch Him direct your every step.  He hears every detail of your heart.  He’s going to continue to astound with His love for you.
Happy Birthday ianna💕 from your grateful, abundantly wealthy-hearted, honored beyond my wildest dreams, mom.
Philippians 1:3 Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. 4 Whenever I pray, I make my requests for you with joy…


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