Butterfly miracle 🦋

Miracle Butterflies
Earlier this month, in the dark of morning, I sat at my computer looking for caterpillars.  So badly did I want our littles to experience the miracle of watching a caterpillar-pupae-butterfly cycle.  Yet prices to purchase bugs felt daunting as we raise our 7. 
Caterpillars just aren’t a necessity. 
Something in my heart hoped for a miracle, yet I doubt I even took the time to pray as the morning began suddenly with a rush of diapers and behaviors all around.  
Two hours later, Liam came to me as I sat with Joseph outside.  
He was so enthusiastic as he opened his hand to reveal about 10 little black caterpillars with colorful orange spots!
Mom, look at these caterpillars!  They were falling from the tree next to my pond!  
Liam had no idea.  Yet I knew this was a miracle.   Liam told me of a coincidence that earlier that morning, he’d decided to clean his room (now that’s a real miracle.) As he went through his closet, he found the butterfly habitat we’d used years ago when he was in preschool. 
He placed it on neatly on a shelf just in case we ever had need of it.  

Later, as he’d been cleaning his pond, caterpillars had begun to fall out of the tree above him!
I called the girls and told Liam they could fill the habitat together. 
Happily, his little sisters ran after him up to the pond. 
The girls and Liam filled the butterfly tent with branches and leaves from the tree they’d found the caterpillars on. 
They counted 48 caterpillars.  
Within the day, the busy little miracle bugs had already begun to spin their cocoons.  



Then today the kids watched 48 butterflies 🦋 emerge.  48 miraculous butterflies.  #Helovesinthedetails, #spring, #brotherandsister,

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