Oh my- How. In. The. WORLD. did our first born- Ianna Rose, the orange-haired miracle baby girl-  grow up!!!?

It feels like just yesterday when she was too small in her infant car seat as we drove home from the hospital for the first time.

Today, Ianna drove off in David’s car to her first day of job training at Bates Nut Farm.

Emotions seriously caught me by surprise-

I fervently want to protect my baby from the world- Yet, we completely trust this new and competent woman to face it with the One who directs her steps.

Tears and gratefulness flow all mixed together.

This one, who once relied on us to raise her, has become a close friend. 

This girl- who has poured herself out for us and her siblings now gets a chance to taste life on her own.

Parents of a wise child have great joy. Prov. 23:24

Thanking God today.  And, thanking Ianna.

Ianna, our joy over you is indescribable and great beyond measure.

#Godpleaseslowtimedown, #iannarose, #kindheartedone, #indescribablegiftofbeingherparents, #haveablastsweetgirl, #gratefulnessoverflows, #savoreverystep, #inHishands

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