Joseph Jaedon is 4💕

“Mrs Stinson, this is Child Protective Services. We have the newborn biological brother of your daughters in our custody… Would you want to foster him?”

Four years ago today as we prayed over the desire in our hearts for two little brothers, and awaited an African Adoption of either gender, a more intricate plan was unfolding.

It’s difficult to describe the emotions of such a phone call.

Unexpected. Love crashed into our hearts like water gushing from a suddenly broken dam. Fear thundered loud within my chest. For months these two intensified forces became my new normal as we held treasured Joseph close.

Four years ago today his precious first mother’s body tore as her heart bled with awareness that the law would rip her son away from her already broken heart and place him into the arms and heart of another.

It would be another week before we would learn of him through that world-changing message left on my iPhone.

Processing the phone call, my heart pounded, knowing the risks ahead and the brokenness from which he came.

His tiny body would struggle horribly for the next year.

Prognosis for his long term physical and cognitive abilities were heavy. I held him nearly 24 hours a day in those early months to comfort him as physical pain gripped his tiny body. I felt tormented over fear that he’d stop breathing.

Today, four years later, our son Joseph Jaedon, laughs loud and strong as birthday balloons trail behind him.

My heart swells with love, adoration and gratefulness over the honor of being his mom. He’s a survivor. A true miracle.

He’s astounded physicians and therapists alike.

Survivor. Overcomer, Warrior of truth. Jaedon, You are a gift beyond description.

To those who ponder a choice of passion that rests within, can I implore you?

Do not let fear hold you back. Do not wait for perfect circumstances- they rarely come.

Run after your passion in spite of fear. Let Love push you on. Don’t. Miss. Out.

I literally shudder when my mind recalls fears and counsel that encouraged us to not adopt.

There were countless reasons to choose a myth of safety instead.

We would have missed out on treasures beyond measure.

We would have missed out on our precious son. (And several of our other children too.).

#iloveadoption #chooselovenotfear #dontwaitforperfectcircumstances





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