You are a gift- an incredible, miraculous gift.  And, if you are like me, there are many days where you feel like the opposite of that- because life is full of brokenness.

Thank you for stopping by.  I’m Christy- a mistake maker, risk taker, mom of 7 with laundry that never ends.  David and I continually create new opportunities for God to show up as our Redeemer.  Really, He does make good out of mistakes- we see daily proof of that around here.

Brokenness in my own life and the lives of others near and far, propelled me into a career as social worker.  Currently, I am a stay at home mom to our seven kids.  This is my journal.  I started writing as we were in the process of adopting our fourth child.  Adoption and the brokenness surrounding it, pushed me into a season of panic and depression.  In that valley, our Shepherd whispered hope and a greater passion for broken hearts.  My heart is to offer hope and encouragement by allowing His redemptive love to pour through our brokenness, breathing purpose into the painful parts of life.  Let’s seek to give His love and freedom away.  This is a place where we can be real, laugh at mistakes, heal, grow together, and receive encouragement as we step out towards the unique calls within our hearts- as we dare to accept His invitation to walk on water towards the passions He’s placed within.

You are a priceless, invaluable, treasure who’s worth is beyond comprehension- right now, exactly as you are, scars, mistakes and all.  Let’s journey together…





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