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Celebrating two of our little hero’s who set my heart free from fear

  💕Seven years ago, these words beautifully changed our lives… “We have the newborn sister of Sierra in our custody. Can you foster her?” 7 years ago today, miraculously, one-year-old Sierra held newborn Alyssa who was birthed into our heart’s through the same precious birthmother. Watching their unmistakable connection as Sierra held her newborn Alyssa […]


Brothers. There’s a beauty here that spans far beyond the moment. Their history together is deep and began with as a prayer whispered from Liam’s heart long before either of our little boy’s were born… “God, can you let us adopt a little brother from Africa?  Can you let us adopt two little brothers?” How […]


Oh my- How. In. The. WORLD. did our first born- Ianna Rose, the orange-haired miracle baby girl-  grow up!!!? It feels like just yesterday when she was too small in her infant car seat as we drove home from the hospital for the first time. Today, Ianna drove off in David’s car to her first […]