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Beautifully broken. Celebrating one year with Mohale!

One year with Mohale! Today as we celebrate one year with Mohale, My heart flashes back… “Let’s move forward towards adoption” I recall that moment crystal clear- Tears dripped from my chin as David’s gently spoken words sounded like a miracle. His words felt like a miracle because, timing was illogical by human standards- on […]

Pony love. How a friend’s sacrifice and a beloved pony pointed us to our boys and taught us that risk is right.

Pony love  “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days”  Ecclesiastes 11:1 (RSV).    Alley the Pony. She won us over on Christmas morning of 2008. We’d lost so much- our business, our home, our confidence, Living in an unfamiliar town, we were approached by a kind-hearted new friend named Debbie […]