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CBS-8 Story from 2012. Freaking out and grateful as we prepare for update.

Link:  Sierra and Alyssa Now Part of a Big Family I’m nervous and reminiscing with a full heart today as we prepare for CBS-8 to do an updated profile on our family. Is this really happening? We are imperfect, broken and my heart often trembles and feels weak…We are the ones who could have easily […]

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas! 🎄 Our precious kids helped us to taste this: He came to be broken and give all to adopt us while we were broken and before we even knew of Him.  True love.  He pursues, and loves me and you incredibly- in our brokenness.  “When the set time had fully come, God […]

Beautifully broken. Celebrating one year with Mohale!

One year with Mohale! Today as we celebrate one year with Mohale, My heart flashes back… “Let’s move forward towards adoption” I recall that moment crystal clear- Tears dripped from my chin as David’s gently spoken words sounded like a miracle. His words felt like a miracle because, timing was illogical by human standards- on […]