In over our heads

What risk has He put into your heart?  For us, it’s a passion to adopt. Today, someone casually warned me about taking on more children- especially special needs children- and also gently mentioned that God does not give us more than we can handle.   All I could reply is “God DOES give us more than we can handle- because then it’s HIS strength that gets us through.”  And Yes,  I am in WAYYY over my head and pursuing more children IS taking on too much.  Isn’t it always this way when He put’s a risky desire within our hearts? People speak doubt out of concern for us. Yet, He invites us to walk on water…

It’s true- I am weak, and frail and prone to anxiety and fear.  We are getting older and our finances are too tight.  Our hearts could get broken….the list is long.  The list is always long when it comes to reasons to stay in our safe little boat-  It’s okay to stay there where we feel safe.  But OH WHAT A GIFT it is to follow Him out of our safety zone.  Because, in brokenness, He is CLOSE and in these very weaknesses, HIS strength is shown.  Always.  When Peter stepped out of the boat – onto the water towards Jesus- He was waaay in over his head.  And he DID panic, stumble and sink.  Then, Jesus DID catch him and they walked on water TOGETHER back to the boat.  Peter’s faith and trust and closeness to Jesus must have grown that day- especially after he stumbled!  Jesus was actually closest to Peter once he sank.  Any risk He puts into your heart is likely to feel like stepping out of a boat onto raging waters.  For us, this risk is the desire to adopt and advocate for orphans.  Isn’t my discomfort ridiculous compared to the suffering of orphaned children who are left behind because we “are in over our heads?”  Looking ahead at the risks and challenges is daunting.  However, through the “hard” times, we’ve started to learn of His faithfulness and to not fear the loud, raging storms that are ahead-  He will be there.  He is faithful.  When we begin to fall- we will experience the closeness of HIM lifting us up! I can HARDLY wait to see what He does next-  Just when I think we are drowning, His presence draws close, He picks us up and miracles happen.  Every time.  Oh I can hardly wait…
 What risk has He put into your heart?  Stepping out of the boat is an incredible adventure.  

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