Lesotho, South Africa?

May, 15, 2013
A change in direction? 
Is this an answer to our children’s prayers for a little brother from Africa?  Since last summer we have been waiting on a foster/adoptive placement.  Due to the need, we requested a waiver to adopt a sibling group.  For months we have called, emailed and waited for an answer.  Last month I surrendered this in prayer and asked God to open or close the door to the county foster adopt system as well as our heart for international adoption- “Thy will, not mine be done.”   Twenty minutes after that prayer, the county licensing worker called me and told me that they will not grant us a waiver to adopt more than one child.  She also said that we can no longer be licensed for “Options” (special needs) foster or foster to adopt children because we have more than four children already in our home.   Had it not been for the timing of that phone call, my heart would have been beyond exasperated because sib groups and special needs children wait.  This time, I will surrender.  
So as we wait on the county and pray for direction, and while our hearts are broken for foster children all around us, our hearts also feel pulled to other nations- where children literally are dying due to their orphan status-
We’d never even heard of Lesotho (pronounced Le soo too) until this March.  It is a tiny, land-locked country in the Republic of South Africa.  After researching this country we have learned that it has a beautiful history of peace and is rich in culture and meaningful traditions. Lesotho is a mountain kingdom. Like every country it also has desperate social needs and as is always the case in such situations, children suffer. My heart breaks knowing that daily mothers who live in poverty die from preventable and manageable diseases while grieving that at her death her precious children will be left without her. That desperate mama could be me.  That could be my child- if I’d been born in a different situation.  After much prayer and discussion for the last three weeks, our family mailed in our application last night to an adoption agency with a Lesotho program.  
This is the first step of a long journey towards adopting from Africa- the request and prayer of our children for the last two years.  For two years they’ve saved every penny they can earn towards this prayer.  LOOK OUT when children pray and take steps of faith!   
We are still waiting on a county adoptive placement here in the USA.  The need is great both here in the USA and across the world.  Thank you for your prayers as we seek direction.  There are so many hurting parents and children- if only they could all be treasured.  Though, thousands around the world are rising up on their behalf in countless ways!  People really are being moved to care for these treasures.

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