Here we GO!

Our application was accepted by the Lesotho adoption program!!!
As the doors to county foster/adoption continue to close, a door to adopting from Africa is beginning to open.  Sending in our application was the first step out of our familiar little boat into the unfamiliar world of pursuing a child from Africa.   In December of 2011 our children brought us their pony fund.  This consisted of every penny they had saved for two years toward their goal of buying a pony.  “Mom and Dad, we’ve been talking a lot and we all want you to use our pony fund to adopt again.”  Liam had an additional desire that we adopt a little brother who looks African. That’s a specific desire.  We believe God places this specific desires into our hearts.  Our children have been asking, praying and saving every dollar they can earn for us to adopt a little brother from Africa.  Expect mountains to move when children pray and take steps of faith…
Here we GO!!!   


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