First homestudy visit.

In my younger years- risk and adventure appealed to me.  I recall the first time (and last) that I went skydiving- standing at the edge of the airplane door- looking thousands of feet to the ground below- preparing to jump.  It seemed crazy- absolutely crazy- to let go.  I was S-C-A-R-E-D.  Yet, in pure faith that the parachute would open- I managed to let go and jump….
Adoption sometimes feels to me much like that moment… International adoption with it’s financial and legal obstacles even more so…and to pursue special needs children in a third world country makes this little airplane seem another 10,000 ft up above the ground.  Yet, when I look at HIM and His love for the orphan, fear shrinks.  This time, I feel driven. Children are suffering as I sit here feeling intimidated by risk.  Compared to their suffering, the risks are no excuse- especially knowing that for this jump, we are strapped to Him- the One who speaks and the wind and waves obey- The One who died for my own adoption- The One whose heart is broken for those who suffer without His comfort…

The homestudy interviews with our social worker to adopt from Lesotho went amazingly well.  His name is Joe.  Next Thursday, June 13, he will return to complete our interviews.  From there, he will write up our family report and await all of our documents to come in.  Then we submit our Homestudy and begin working on the next long list of legal docs called the Dossier.  The normal international adoption process takes about 18-24 months.

We mentioned to Joe our interest in adopting an special needs child such as HIV+ or other need.  He was incredibly encouraging and had numerous stories of children who were dying in Africa due to HIV+ status and other preventable terminal medical conditions who are now thriving here with medical intervention. As programs are being sought to get medications and intervention to the millions who need them, time is ticking for thousands of children who are dying before solutions are implemented.  Adoption is NOT the overall answer.  However, adoption does help one child at a time.  Joe is approving us for one or two children with any special need.  Our heart is for children who will not live unless they are adopted.  In Lesotho, this is likely HIV+.  However, we are open to anything He directs us to.  
Loving this jump…!

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