Fundraiser by Ianna "Owwie Pets!"

This week Ianna (our oldest- age 12) worked so very hard and designed these precious, whimsical “Owwie Pets!” as a new way to help pay for us to adopt two children from Lesotho and the travel costs of all five kids to go with us to get them.  She did this all herself- sewing, painting the faces, creating tags, and photographs and even the wording on our Etsy store-(link)

“Owwie Pets!” are 2.5″ mini cold packs to soothe little owies.  Ianna made them out of antique sugar sacks (1934) or colorful printed cotton fabrics.  Each one is unique and comes with a paper “adoption” tag with its own name.  No two are alike… 

Purchase from our Etsy store.   Or purchase by using the donation button on this blog.  Suggested donation amount: $30. 


  1. Received 3 of these recently… Very nice quality and sooo adorable. They made for a nice opportunity in children's Bible class to talk about our adoption by God and how we can help others in this world. The children loved them! 🙂 Thanks, Ianna.


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