Africa Referral!! It is another boy!!!!!!

Feeling like this is a dream!  Praising God and filled with humble amazement and adoration!!!!   Today we got our referral from Lesotho!!! We’ve been matched with a precious little boy! He was matched to our family in December. The agency received docs today and just called us with the news!! His name is Mohale! (Mo-ha-lay). 
We do not know the time frame until we can travel to bring him home. Lesotho is a new Hague country and we are the first American family to adopt under Hague accreditation. Our agency director expects 3 to 4 months! Oh we can hardly wait… Here’s his referral pic!!!! 

Pondering…We had it in our hearts to adopt TWO.  We thought they would both be from Africa. Two weeks ago we were entrusted with a baby boy through San Diego Foster Care.  Baby Boy is being loved deeply beyond words by our family.  This week baby Mohale’s referral came from Lesotho, Africa. Oh what a humbling honor it is to give His love.     

Thank you for praying behind us for these two boys- His treasures.


  1. Congratulations! He is beautiful!

    I am also waiting to adopt from Lesotho (I am in Canada). I didn't think the next meeting was until March – were you matched in December and just got the news?

    In either case, it's exciting!


  2. superb news! CoNGraTULaTIoNs! I'm waiting to adopt from Lesotho as well and would love to hear any details you have about the matching meeting. I was haing a grumpy start to my day, but this just changed everything!


  3. All I know is that we were matched in December. They are matching! It is really true! Take heart! They just told us yesterday- Im not sure why other than they wanted to be sure it was a “go” before we were told. The timing is perfect. Im so glad we were told yesterday. God's timing is always perfect. Habakkuk 2:2 It just really seem slooooow sometimes.


  4. That is fantastic news, thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm currently #3 on the hold list to submit my dossier, placed there until matches start to happen, so this is really, really good news for us all…and especially your baby J.

    Congrats!!!! I will eagerly be following your journey


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