(Update:  This post was awesome news!  However, in December of 2014, we had to dissolve Mohale’s adoption and start over.  That post is here:  Bad and good news.)

June 19, 2014

No longer fatherless! Although we’ve never met, Mohale is our SON. We just now got a phone call that Mohale’s adoption has been processed in Lesotho. A new birth certificate was issued.  He is legally our son, Mohale Stinson! Next we face just hoops of getting visa and passport for him.  Then David will travel with Ianna, Leora and Liam to bring our little miracle boy home! 

Several weeks ago my heart was breaking under the “wait”. My heart wondered…..
Then another waiting adoptive mom emailed me in tears- because she stumbed upon my blog after returning from a mission trip to the very orphanage where Mohale is being loved. She is a special needs teacher and had spent five days loving on our son.  She told us he’s so loved and cared for as he waits. Then she emailed these two pics that are now in my phone so I can look at him daily..


  1. I've really enjoyed your blog. We are wanting to adopt from Lesotho as well. Can you recommend some reliable contacts in-country we can work with, like an attorney or facilitator? What agency did you work with?


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