I800a extension requested. Waiting some more.

January 19, 2015
On December 2 we learned that the USCIS required Mohale’s adoption be dissolved and that we redo all of the paperwork that had taken well over one year to do.  This was because forms had been completed and accepted out of order.   So, the first step was to get our home study updated and sent into the USCIS in hopes of receiving permission again to adopt internationally.  Last week we sent that in. The deadline is tomorrow- January 20, 2015.   Today we are praying that that gets into the right hands and that we receive i800a acceptance quickly.

Im not certain what the next step will be this second time around.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.  Hurry up and wait.
Precious Mohale, we are fervently jumping though every hoop requested as we ache for you.  We are so grateful that you are in God’s hands and being loved on by beautiful people in this wait.  You do not know we even exist- but you are so loved.
This stage of adoption reminds me that we were loved and our adoption eagerly and painfully pursued by God before we ever knew about Him.

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