You are loved fully as you are.

As Easter approaches, in light of our heightened awareness of His love that adoption has gifted us with, my heart longs to say..You are loved. Our King did not come to the perfect. No. He came for me. He came for you. He came for the broken, weak, sick, and depraved. He came for the fatherless and lonely, the rejected and cast off, the prostituted, the imprisoned and suffocating, the addicted and used, the overwhelmed and the tired. He especially adores You…the ones who long for a Savior. There is no sin too depraved, no wound too severe, no grief too deep, no mistake too destructive for His redemption.  You. Are. Loved.  You are so loved beyond comprehension.  There is nothing that can stop His love for you.  

Dare to come to Jesus- the One who chose to die for You. Dare to come to the One who sacrificed all for you. He is the One who will forgive and cleanse away ALL that is not pure love. He longs to adopt you and make you a new child- His treasured child. He longs to redeem all the scars and even use them for beauty beyond description. He turns it all into purpose. He longs to speak pure, healing love to your heart. 

Do not perform religious rules for Him- we cannot earn His love. Instead, just receive His love and then give His love away. Simple. No more shame. No more hiding. It’s all about being loved by Him. And He’s all about loving those who need His love through us. 

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