Butterflies for Easter and the princess who understands true love…

Butterflies came to my attention this month and ohh what a delightful illustration they are of Easter!  

Recently we learned that when a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis in its pupae, literally it becomes a new creature with entirely different DNA.  Of course it’s amazing that the caterpillar becomes a butterfly- but the DNA isn’t even the same!  It’s not just a caterpillar that grew wings but an entirely new creature with it’s own DNA…

The slow, squishy, sluggish and stuck caterpillar gets turned into an entirely different creation- one that flies beautifully free.  What an exquisite example of hope.  He came to die.  A caterpillar essentially dies within a cocoon.  He rose again victorious over death and all that destroys.
When we accept His forgiveness all that we were that was awful– the brokenness, victimization, mistakes, cruelty, ugliness dies. And then He makes us into new creature!  ALL BRAND NEW!  We become HIS CHILDREN.  He takes all that was- squishy, broken, stuck… and uses it ALL for beautiful purpose….No regrets.  He turns regrets into purpose- That’s awesome, new “DNA!”

There is Jesus, a Friend who sticks closer that a brother…a King who conquered death and depravity…A Father who perfectly loves you and me and longs for us to accept His forgiveness and become HIS very own brand new child. Easter is the day we celebrate our adoption finalization by our Heavenly Father.   It’s the day that reminds us of a Redeemer who came to set us free…to be loved by Him.  Have you ever been loved as you are?  Have you ever dreamed that even your darkest regrets and scars that keep you back could be turned into beauty?  

Our youngest daughter, Alyssa, said to us this morning just as she was about to run off to find Easter eggs…”Mom, I love Easter because Jesus loves us so much that He adopted us.”

Precious princess…you already get it more than most ever will.  You’ve been loved deeply in countless ways…first by the one who carried you…then by we who were honored to adopt you…and now by the One who created you and paid the highest price of all to adopt you- the King of Kings- and You are His princess.  (Yea, she KNOWS it- she is one strong-willed and confident princess:)

Hunting for eggs was an adventure this morning:

Six priceless treasures enjoying the rewards:

Next year I am already planning to hide eggs with paper butterflies in them. Hoping painfully with all our hearts that treasured Mohale will celebrating with us:)

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