Update and request for continued prayers.

April 9, 2015
Obstacles are loosening up.  Thank you for prayers!
We learned on December 2 that the USCIS required Mohale’s adoption by us be dissolved and redone in the order required by the new HAGUE criteria.  As of this week, his adoption had yet to be dissolved.  So, we have prayed that someone would advocate.  Last week as our agency director was visiting Lesotho, a judge in Lesotho told him that David and I can sign the dissolution affidavit and he could then dissolve it.  We signed original papers this week, had them notarized and they are in route to Lesotho.
We also received a phone call from the USCIS Department of Children’s Affairs Adoptions division in Washington D.C. asking the status on our adoption. We are learning that people from every angle of the journey are caring and want this to happen for Mohale, and other children as well.  We knew going into this that it would likely have roadblocks.  We’ve still been deeply disheartened by some big obstacles and the time it takes for forms and papers to get processed.  Yet, we are continually amazed at how many people on each side of this truly care about children.  Praying that necessary obstacles are removed and that countless children flow into loving arms.  Praying that this all begins to happen crazy, amazingly fast and smooth.
So many orphaned children need love.  So many people want to love them in countless ways.  Praying for obstacles to move.

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