Happy birthday Leora

April 16, 2015
Today we officially have 2 teens in our home!  Beautiful, Sweet Leora turned 13 today.
She’s hoped and hoped and hoped that she and Mohale would celebrate together… 
Hoping for next year!
You are so beautiful hearted and filled with compassion.  The way you care so much for each of your siblings in creative ways they understand amazes my heart. 
I’m honored, humbled, and grateful to be your mom… 
Your dad and I are crazy in love with you all the time.  Happy Burthday!!! 
Celebrating thirteen years with our beloved daughter, Leora! 
“Leora” means “the light”
Our entire pregnancy with Leora was high risk.  I was terrified that she would not make it.  Her neonatologist scheduled me for 3 ultrasounds per week to monitor her during the last trimester. 
The FEAR that gripped my heart that entire 8 months is indescribable.  
DAILY, hourly, I prayed for and tried to surrendered her precious, unborn life to her creator.  
Hourly, as fear crept in, I would hold my large belly and praise God for her life and the light that she already was.
I prayed for a name that would fit her during that scary season.
Leora.  We agreed it was the perfect name.
She was delivered by C-section on April 16, 2003.
(I love C-sections!)

Her neonatal Dr. described her as “Strong.”
Leora, tears of gratefulness often come to me when I recall that moment.
You are truly His light and strength to me and many.  You are a calm and gentle person with strength that could only come from Him.  
What a GIFT you are. 
You bring peace and hilarious laughter into the most difficult times. 
You are truly a light! 
And Truly, He holds you close.

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