Happy Mother’s Day when I stand Under the light of Grace…

(No news yet on Mohale…but Happy Mother’s Day!)

Mother’s Day under the light of Grace…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE unexpected surprises!!!

This unexpected TOTAL SURPRISE came in the mail today:

Along with this:
Whoever sent it, please know it caused my heart to swell with gratefulness and emotion.  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this- all SEVEN beloved treasures are named!

 Thank you!!
Grateful for this powerful gift of faith and encouragement all in one!!!

I’m not taking it off.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been contemplating: 

Why in the world am I dreading mother’s day??

And this came to mind:

Under the black light of PERFECTIONISM
Mother’s Day is a reminder that I’m not measuring up to the perfect mom I want to be for my kids- Instead, they likely will all need counseling someday…(I’ve already warned them.)

Guilt and motherhood.  Because of perfectionism, they typically go together.

Perfectionism, instead of grace, results in sticky, discouraging, sleep-depriving, mommy guilt.

I’m  DEEPLY, indescribably GRATEFUL to be a mom.  Looking at each of them today causes my eyes to tear up with love and gratefulness- I could burst.  How did I get to be the one honored to love and raise these six (soon to be seven) treasures?
Then there are too many days when tears well up from discouragement-
because I feel not so good at this motherhood thing…


Perfectionism is a thief.  Perfectionism steals joy, underscores comparisons, and replaces freedom with false guilt.  It’s yucky.  Perfectionism causes me to feel
OVERWHELMED at every turn.  
Yet, perfect parenthood is a lie.  There AIN’T NO SUCH THING.
Being a perfect mom is impossible. 
Yet grace frees us up to savor the chaos and laugh along the way.

Perfectionism condemns me for the times I lock the bathroom door and cry into a towel…

Grace savors the sweet times the kids and I spend laughing at our mistakes.


Perfectionism causes me to grieve what I am not able give or be for our kids.

Grace fills my heart to overflowing as I watch the beautiful, generous people they are becoming as a result.  


Perfectionism tempts me to pretend to like cooking and baking even after being up all night with the baby. (I actually don’t like being in the kitchen even if the baby slept.)

Grace let’s us have a blast driving through Del Taco for lunch and McDonalds for warm chocolate chip cookies again this week. 


Perfectionism disables all joy because I spoke impatient, grouchy words before listening.  Again.

Grace let’s me savor how forgiving and grace filled our children are from all the practice!


Perfectionism causes me hide our messes in the closet.

Grace results in laughter when someone opens a closet door and chaos falls to the floor.
Grace doesn’t hide messes.


Perfectionism shouts out the times I’ve asked God WHY he doesn’t make me perfect because our treasures deserve the BEST.

Grace rejoices and celebrates that they do have the BEST…
THEY have the BEST HEAVENLY FATHER who shows grace and redemption.  


Grace sets us AND our children free to be OK with being imperfect.  That’s redemption.

Grace frees us to LAUGH and ENJOY fleeting messy, unorganized, unplanned moments with our rapidly growing children…

Even if moments before we blew it again.  
This mother’s day, I’m enjoying freedom!  Enjoy freedom with me. Enjoy that it’s OK to not be anywhere near our picture of the perfect Mom because we have a Perfect, Redeeming Father who is crazy in love with us and our kids… 
(even when we are blowing it again.)

His light shines best through brokenness into a world that needs real hope.
It’s safe to be REAL. That is when hope is seen.  He holds our children SO CLOSE TO HIS HEART as He directs our steps- one hour at a time- on this journey of parenthood.
He prefers imperfection and brokenness to write the most beautiful stories.
ISAIAH 40:11
Like a shepherd, He will care for his flock,
    gathering the lambs in his arms,
Hugging them as he carries them,
    leading their mothers to good pasture.
Being REAL with our kids (and everyone else) is a gift.  Being perfect is poop.
Enjoying Mother’s Day Wholeheartedly!

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