Tiny miracles along the way help us to look up.

Friday, March 22, 2015

Someone gave David tickets for our entire family to Aquatica Sea World Waterpark last week!  This was a huge gift early in the week and the kids were filled with excited anticipation!!!  The only problem was that the tickets were for one specific day- March 22.  All week the weather forecast was RAIN for that day.  Rain was forecasted for the day before and after as well.  So, the night before we prayed for God to keep the rain from the park. 
As I awoke early on the big day, it was raining hard.  My heart was heavy from discouragement as we are in between tasks we can do to get our adoption completed again for Mohale.  This is hard on a control freak whose heart is aching for a child out of reach.
I turned to my iPhone Bible app and began to read.  Here is what jumped out at me…
It was not by their sword that they won the land,
nor did their arm bring them victory;  
it was Your right hand, Your arm,
and the light of Your face, for You loved them. Ps 44:2-5
There is nothing I can DO at this point except
be still and know that He
(The maker of the Heavens and the Earth; the One Who Loves us beyond comprehension)
is God. 
Ps 46:10
Hope began to fill my heart again- like gentle, warm rays of sunshine beginning to dispel clouds on a cold rainy day.
As it rained, we loaded our big van and prepared for a day at the waterpark.  It rained all the way there.  Yet, as we got close to the park, the rain drops stopped.  At the park, sun began to break through the clouds.  We spent the entire day there until 5:00.  The weather above us was BEAUTIFUL while rain clouds were all around in the distance.
After an incredibly fun day, we walked back to the big van with happy, laughing children, amazed at this discreet, loving fingerprint of God’s reality and love.  Just then, a single rain drop landed on the asphalt in front of my foot- the first raindrop I had seen at the park all day…it felt like I was seeing His signature and hearing His voice with my eyes.  Deep within, this thought embraced my heart: 
If He can stop the rain, He can bring Mohale home
 because He loves.
Then to top it off, friends of ours could hardly wait to tell us their story that had been unfolding at the same time.
They had also needed it to not rain near the same area of this waterpark.  The husband had a concrete pouring job there.  His coworkers had encouraged him to cancel.  He told them he’d prayed for the sun to come out and then in pure faith kept the trucks and workers scheduled- inspite of the advice of others due to the pouring and forecasted rain.  In the early morning he arrived on the job site which was right next to this water park.  The sun came out.  He and his crew noticed clouds all around, yet blue sky above them.  They poured the concrete.  Our friend competed the job and received a much needed paycheck for the needs of his family.   
God puts His desires into our hearts. We step out in ridiculous and even uncertain faith. Then He accomplishes outcomes. It’s no mistake that both of our families desired sun that day- both prayed for sun in spite of what the forecast said- and God had this planned out all along.  Both families needed a boost of faith. 
 Unexpected sunshine in the center of a rainy season causes us to look up.  
If we wait for perfect conditions before stepping out of the boat, we miss out on miracles that so powerfully reveal His precious, personal love.
You are loved. 

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