Happy Birthday!!! Sierra turns 6!

Sierra is 6!!!
As we wait for a beloved treasure so far away, 
today we CELEBRATE another Birthday!   

I can’t believe that our girl is 6!!  

It feels like only yesterday when we got “The Call.”  We’d told the county we will love any child, any disability, any race, either gender.  We had decided to say “yes” to the first two children in need of a loving home.

Sight unseen, files unread, we were committed to love and care for her as our daughter for as long as she would be allowed to stay.

(I was scared. But God’s love coaxed us out of the boat.)

The next day our social worker dutifully went over Sierra’s file and history with us so we could sign papers to bring her home as our foster to adopt daughter.  Then, this picture came to my email.  It’s the first picture we saw of our daughter.

She was 9 months old.

One week later, we met her.

That moment changed everything for our family.
This powerful little

Princess impassioned our hearts.

This is the day David met Sierra- Two months later, her first word was “Dada!”
Today she woke up to a bedroom that had been decorated by her sisters Ianna and Leora as she slept. It was filled with balloons.
Then, also arranged by her oldest sisters,

Spa Time:  
(This video the sister’s made is precious!)

Complete with lipstick, glitter and a crown…
Then came her birthday photo shoot. Sierra’s favorite kitty just couldn’t stay away…
Big sister and little sister
The resulting photo
Sierra and Silver.  This kitty would not stay out of the pics-
Big brother Liam made her cake!
Cupcakes by Leora
Sierra’s sweet, young life has already melted hearts.  Numerous families have been changed because of her… Parents have signed up to love children through foster care or adoption after meeting Sierra. Several children have been especially adored by foster parents until their families could bring them home.
Families have been created.
Precious daughter, 
You were created within your beloved, adoring and precious birthmother’s body for a purpose- to be loved and and then to reflect His love.  You are gracious, generous, grateful, thoughtful and sweet- you are deeply beautiful. 
You are loved crazy, unimaginably Big.  ALL THE TIME.

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