Learning to walk!…Celebration, brokenness and prayer for the hurting.

June 27, 2015

As I learn to walk by faith, stumbling along the way towards a beloved African treasure, look who is learning to literally walk!  He took his first steps this week at 17 months old!  This BIG DEAL was preceded by three sessions per week for the last 9 months from OT, PT and early intervention specialists.  Look at him go!!!

Treasuring the blessings at home as we wait to embrace Mohale.  (They will look like “twins”  I’ve always adored the thought of twins.  Perhaps this is why:)

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Prov. 13:12
It is June again.
We are at a stand-still again waiting on signatures.

Nothing seems fast enough when love is calling. 

Even surrounded by precious treasures and inexplicable faithfulness of God, my heart feels deeply grieved today…  It was in June of last year that Mohale’s adoption to our family was completed within the beautiful country that cradles him.  We were not present, though celebrated in hope that we would soon embrace our son.  Over one year and much red tape later, we ache for hope.  It’s hard to admit that, even with all the miracles behind us, I struggle trying not to worry his re-adoption won’t happen.

I struggle over frightening “what if’s.”  

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”
This week my gaze slipped and my heart has felt horribly dry and sick.

And as we wait, we continue to pray for others in need of hope.

Countless families wait for their beloved and stuck treasures.  My friend Kathy and her family, along with over 130 other waiting American families, have been waiting over 2 years to embrace their adopted children.  Benny and Shiloh, remain stuck in deplorable conditions within orphanages in the D.R. Congo.
Another family in Bolivia has been jumping through hoops in hopes of adopting three siblings.
Several friends, like thousands of others, love foster children indefinitely as they wait for courts to decide permanent placement while praying the court decision won’t result in further abuse of the child they love.

While some rejoice,

others we know are recently grieving.

Tears have flowed heavily this year.

Grief is complicated- especially when, from our vantage point, it appears that injustice won.


Hope springing up


Dear God,
You say you are close to the brokenhearted.  Let each of these hurting children and each of the hurting families actually feel You, our Comforter, close to their hearts.  Bring peace in the darkness.
Show them Hope- when grief and cruelty have blackened out hope.
Breathe for them when it hurts too much to breathe.
Bring peace when fear rages loud.
Cause them see redemption and unexpected purpose to rise. 

Break the hearts of social workers, judges, politicians and millions of others over the vulnerable children who wait without a voice.

Cause the red tape to untangle for Mohale’s adoption, Benny and Shiloh’s permission to leave the DRC, and countless other children in need of loving homes.
Cause adoptions around the world to expedite.
Cause judges to choose safe families over the risk of repeated abuse.

Show us anything we can do to comfort children who are orphaned but not adoptable.

“Tree” by Sierra age 6

Gratefulness shouts within my heart that Mohale, and those around him, are surrounded by beautiful love as we wait.
He is truly safe, healthy and happy and unaware of this wait- because of those who have dared to step out and love- knowing their hearts will break.
Bless those who dare to love your treasures while knowing their hearts will ache.  
Send more of us to do the same. 

Praying today for multitudes of orphaned children and foster children who are not living in good conditions.  Dearest Father, fill them with Your peace and fatherly love in their often cruel darkness.  Bring light to them.  Break these children free to be embraced by Your love.  Send more people to love and care for them as Mohale is so beautifully loved.


As precious Baby J is learning to walk, we are crazy happy and loud with shouts of praise and celebration.  I love to hug this precious love (we all do!)  And then, we are learning to walk also….by faith, in grateful trust as our hearts so deeply ache to hold Mohale.

Please pray with us for the necessary signatures to happen so our walk towards Mohale can continue.  Please pray with us for each child who waits and for each person who has stepped out towards voiceless children in any way.

Thank you for praying with us.

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