Celebrating another hurdle!

July 14, 2015

As this journey has so far taken just over 2 years, we have learned to CELEBRATE each time another obstacle is cleared.

We learned today that the final signatures were acquired by the necessary officials in Lesotho permitting Mohale to be adopted by our family!!!  We’ve been told to expect it to take about a month until Mohale’s adoption is finalized in a Lesotho Court.  This is a rough estimate.
Our agency will notify us once the adoption has been finalized.

Then, we will be able to submit a final form to the USCIS requesting visa approval for Mohale.  
The final hurdle will be for the USCIS to give us a date to pick up his visa in Johannesburg!  That will mean TRAVEL TIME!!!


Daring to hope again that he will be in our arms this year…this fall?
For Christmas?  Thanksgiving?
Maybe, just maayybe, September-ish????

Now asking for people to partner in prayer with us for an obstacle free, expedient re-adoption process.

(Ice cream for dinner tonight:)

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