Airfare covered! Birds and airplanes.

October 11, 2015

Airfare is covered!
This post is to share how the cost of our flight to Africa was beautifully provided.  

Birds and Airplanes.


We figured a cost of over $20,000 for airline tickets for all 9 of us.

In September, we were surprised to purchase round trip airfare that totaled just under $11,000!
As we tried to get a loan for this new, lower amount,
my father in law sold the private little airplane he and david had purchased together years ago.
This weekend he is giving David half of the sell price:
Want to guess what that amount totaled???


The full story in the two posts below…

September 21, 2015

There’s something special about little birds.

Baby Gouldian Finch in Liam’s hands

Jesus used them to illustrate and encourage us not to worry about provision, because our loving Father provides.

As we began to calculate what the necessary expenses are to travel with all six of our children to be joined with Mohale, or seventh, simple research implied that we would need over
$20,000 for airfare. 

We don’t have an extra $20,000 in addition to the other travel expenses we have been saving for.  Therefore, when the loan didn’t work out, anxiety came crashing in. 

When in early September that the loan we hoped for would not happen, I called my mom to pray.  From across the USA, we were linked by our smartphones and Mom’s prayer began to bolster my faltering faith.

Her faith carried mine.

Mom is extra ADHD so it was hardly noticeable when in the middle of her prayer she stopped suddenly “Hey!  A cute little bird just landed over here on this path we are walking on!  He’s darling.  I’m going to text you a picture of him right now!”

And she did:

Isn’t he funny?!
Mom finished her prayer and I felt sort of better.
Driving alone that night I complained to God:
“GOD, we believe YOU put it into our hearts to bring ALL of our children to meet Mohale in his country.
God, you have provided all along, and yet I’m stressed over this.  Could you make this loan thing work out?  Or do something else?”

Then I remembered the bird that mom texted as she prayed.  My mind refocused…

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26 

Peace returned.

 When I told David that night, he silently mused on what i said.  Mom’s little bird triggered a memory in him- the day he and his dad went to buy an airplane together over 20 ago.  As they entered the airport to purchase the Stinson airplane,  my father in law said a quick prayer asking God to encourage them that this was the right airplane to purchase.  At that moment, a little bird landed upon the airport sign they were staring at.  David said the way it happened seemed special and his dad believed that little bird was a reminder to trust that the airplane was the right one. That afternoon, they each paid half and shared ownership.  

Together, David and his dad learned to fly.

Tonight, 20 years later, David’s faith is also bolstered as we ponder the timing of two little birds and he tells me that his dad had just called to say he received an offer from someone to purchase the airplane. My father-in-law said he plans to give David half of the total sale to help with our adoption costs.
Guess what that portion is?


Liam and Sierra playing in the cockpit of Grandpa’s airplane in 2010.


September 14, 2015

Hidden Provision:

Can you find the baby birds beneath their father in the picture below?
There are three birds in this photo:

Sometimes, provision comes in ways we didn’t expect.
Hidden surprises.
We’d anxiously anticipated round trip airfare cost for our entire family of almost 9 to South Africa would be over $20K.
We bought airline tickets today.
 ROUND TRIP airfare for our entire family is less than

That’s $9,000 less than we anticipated!

Thank you GOD for “providing”

The people at Adoption Airfare were incredibly helpful.

That is nearly half of what we believed we would need to pay for airfare!

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