Two days and two friends carried my load…

Is it really almost time???

In just over two days we all board an airplane!

I’ve been on the computer for hours and hours over the last month making arrangements…

Planning an adoption trip to an unfamiliar place with six kids is a bigger job than I had imagined..
(and I can really imagine.)

Today, two friends came and shouldered my burden.

One came and babysat for hours and hours and hours.
Because of her, tickets are printed, passports copied, more tedious travel arrangements finalized and…
all 9 carry-ons and our 1 suitcase are PACKED.


Another friend took my last minute shopping list and spent hours and miles running errands and shopping FOR US.
She brought clothes, snacks, books, and loads of crafts and toys…
Because of her, hours and miles of errands are DONE
Last minute necessities are ready,
and the children’s back packs and diaper bags are abundantly LOADED- far beyond what I’d dared to plan for!!
There are abundant, awesome snacks and activities to last for hours and hours and hours!

A huge sigh of relief tonight and a heart FILLED with GRATITUDE.
(I was so stressed over the weekend at this mountainous task that is now COMPLETE in ONE DAY.)

THANK YOU to each my two friends!

I feel so spoiled and absolutely my heart is melted.


Our bags are packed and this time, we won’t be unpacking them.

It’s almost time to fly!!

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