We are off!!!!

6:53 am October 22, 2015

Half of us slept. The alarm went off at 12:00 am but I was in the shower- too excited to sleep anyway. We were at the airport 3 hours before any ticket agents arrived. (We r talking Type A!)
We got there along with the midnight cleaning crew..
(Airport bagel shop)

Then our first round of excitement began…
We almost didn’t get on this flight. The ticket agent processed Jaedons ticket wrong. It took forever on the phone with delta. They told me I had to call the agent but she wasn’t answering her business phone. Finally the lady on the phone said “I see u r adopting. I’m going to do this for u.”  10 minutes later they printed his boarding pass. We started the long line through security with all 9 of us. Alyssa’s boarding pass was missing. They kicked us out of line and I had to go all the way back to the check in Dept and interrupt the guy who didn’t print her boarding pass. He then did. THEN, we did the security process with all the non smiling security workers. As the chaos continued, a security officer who looked kind hearted approached me and wanted to about adoption because he and his wife can’t have bio kids. He took my email!! We got to the gate just in time. Crazy start. We r on airplane waiting for take off from San Diego airport!!

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