Farewell and pondering heroes.

Adoption is bittersweet. Tragedy, loss, redemption and new birth. 
I’m writing as we drive towards Johannesburg- away from the Lesotho border.  We all desire to come back to Lesotho. 
How can I find words to describe the thankfulness we have to each person who has contributed to Mohale’s story?  
Beautiful Gate is the name of the orphanage where Mohale has been loved since he was found 2 1/2 years ago.  Today we were blessed by a farewell party there given to celebrate his adoption. 
We are thrilled to have finally met many of the heroes behind our son’s story. 
Thank u for the beautiful, unforgettable, life changing farewell. Your songs, gifts, and stories of Mohale and love for him and so many who remain in your care will remain with our family. You are changing lives- one treasured child at a time. 
Thank you to each of you who have cared for Mohale and hundreds like him. We are committed to keep you in our prayers and will passionately share your vision of life for Lesotho’s orphaned children- a vision that includes God’s redemptive love that paid the ultimate price to adopt each of us- 
There have been many heroes:
We were given this picture of the boys who found him in a ditch on their way to school. One of them was named Mohale:)
These police officers were on duty when the boys brought him in. One is holding him. She recalls warming his tiny body by wrapping him up in adult t-shirts that had been left at the station. The one in uniform wrote up the report. Both were overjoyed to meet him. 
Here is one of the house moms at Beautiful Gate who has cared for him since that day 2 1/2 years ago. She placed him into my arms and then sang a blessing to him.  Can you imagine..
Malefa is the social worker who mediated for our adoption agency. She also held our hands for the last three weeks as we enjoyed Lesotho and finished last minute hurdles. She’s amazing. Here she’s standing next to Brian.  Brian and his wife are the current directors of Beautiful Gate.  More heroes. 

This woman below advocated as the social worker on a government level throughout the entire process- both times. She signed Mohale over to us today.  She is a strong advocate for orphans in her country. 
Numerous other government workers, orphanage staff, and volunteers from Lesotho and around the world have given their time, resources and love. Because of their sacrifice, these children have learned what love feels like. Mohale is bonding fast- proof that their love saturated his heart long ago. 
It has taken an army to place Mohale into our arms. Some are mentioned here. Hundreds of others – many we don’t even know- have battled in prayer. 
It was not in vain. 
Mohale is our SON. 

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  1. This is beautiful! I've been thinking about your family the last few weeks! So happy to see you all with Mohale! Thank you for paving the way for many other faimlies… we can't wait to take this amazing journey as well!!! Praying for you all as you transition home.


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