God was at our potty party. Part 1.

Thursday November 12, 2015. Morning. 
We learned Monday afternoon that we needed to have hotel reservations on Tuesday, November 10 in Johannesburg- a day earlier than we had planned for. And to make it more stressful, because my iPhone and Internet service had not worked consistently in Lesotho, I had not been able to get through to the bed and breakfast we had unconfirmed reservations for- let alone to request we arrive a day early.  To add intensity, the company we hired to take us back to Johannesburg cancelled- they couldn’t get a border permit.  I had one day to get transport to Johannesburg and a place to stay in time for his visa medical appointment. So, David drove the rental van with us and luggage for 10 all packed in tight. Because internet and iPhone service have been sketchy, i had not been able to get through and confirm hotel reservations we’d tried to make at a well rated bed and Breakfast- let alone ask for a day early. I was able to get a call through to a Johannesburg hotel one mile from the visa dr that could squeeze us in on the night of October 10 and had availability through the 18 should we need it. Yeah, I did wonder about the conditions.

We arrived late into the parking garage just in time to watch a pimp trade his girls off…. Sick feeling. 
The rooms were safe and secure but dirty. We all loved water pressure! – showers for all!!! 
Timing was awesome in a hard way Emma was sick and hugging the toilet all night- in a room of her own with a toilet that flushed great!  Showers were warm and water plentiful!!  (Earlier that day shed said she can handle anything but puke…ummm- if she’d only known what this week held.)
Monday morning we left Emma to recover and used the gps to go 1 mile to the visa dr. It took 2 hours to find it. Leora got sick. David dropped me off with Mohale and Liam so he could take leora home to join Emma in the potty party. 

Our -adoption agency director met me there!  Of course we missed the dr appointment. They told us they’d do the TB test and then sent us off to get passport pics we did not have. Crazy. 
It took 7 hours total at the mall and medical center to get it his visa physical done. But it got done. David joined me at the end and we managed to get through to the bed and breakfast we had unconfirmed reservations at. She was gracious and kind to squeeze us in.

We all slept awesome last night!!
This bed and breakfast is called the Olive Tree and we highly recommend it.  It’s a real vacation experience- not a typical hotel. Gorgeous, artistic, cultural, peaceful atmosphere. 
Here r pics:

To be continued…

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