God was at our potty party. Part 2

Thursday, November 12, our visa interview went well!!! 
No camera allowed at the U.S. Consulate, so no pics there. Only Liam and Mohale went with us. We parked at the mall and walked… 
Liam loves to carry Mohale for us. He carried his miracle brother all over that mall until we got to the US consulate.  ( This pic kind of show Liam looking sick.)
We were told at the interview that if they get the medical report by Monday, we should make it to our flight next Wednesday. So, it was CRUCIAL for Mohale to have his TB read read at 10:00am the next morning.
The potty party revs up:

We got back to the Olive Tree by 5pm to take our crew out to dinner- but Liam was vomiting. By nights end, everyone was puking and diarrhea-ing intensely.  Everyone except three- Emma, David and Mohale!!! Because these two were healthy, the next morning David was able to take Mohale to get his TB test read!  Miracle here. If we’d missed that, we could not have visa medical to the US consulate in time for us to leave on nov 18. And EMMA was healthy!! The beautiful one who has helped immensely for one whole month and can’t do puke!  Let me tell u, that was the most intense round of puking and pooping- nearly two days (Liam and Sierra are still sick.). 
Emma jumped into it with two hands and feet practically swimming in it while loving on and nurturing our kids back to health. 
We are talking about an angel here. 
The Selfie Angel with miracle boys:

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