Angel friends and Dr. Angel


 I read somewhere that “Angel” means God’s messenger. With this simple meaning in mind, I can say that we know many angels- Messengers of encouragement and hope.  
So many of you have encouraged us.

I haven’t posted on how amazing it is to be home.  But it IS SO AMAZING!  I’m working on a post and Ianna is creating a video to summarize our gratefulness.  
Mohale is a TREASURE!!!!

Angel friends:
We have been bolstered all along this journey.  Even now!  Thursday, when we arrived home, exhausted, our home was filled with signs in every room celebrating the arrival of Mohale…

AND, it 
was already stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, groceries abundant.  
We had salad the next morning for breakfast!

There’s more!
Last night, someone from Valley Center Community Church set up meals to be delivered next week.  
Friends have been emailing and texting and calling with words of celebration and encouragement.
Can I say that this is all huge to us?  
Thank you for every bit of support. 
We are abundantly grateful
Our family has been bolstered throughout this adoption by prayers, encouragement and help- beyond our wildest imaginations.
-It takes a village to adopt a treasure-

Dr. Angel

Yesterday another event happened that I must record here for my own memory.  
I’ve been sick since our second week in Lesotho.  The “orphanage cough” descended upon our family the first week we had embraced our precious treasure.  He was coughing horribly especially in the nights and it wasn’t long before several of us also shared his symptoms over there in beautiful Africa.
Most of us fought it off.

 The visa Dr. in Johannesburg prescribed him an antibiotic and Mohale is totally not coughing at all anymore!
Joseph, Alyssa and I haven’t been able to kick it.  We went to Kaiser friday morning, the day after we arrived home.  Today, they are each so much better as their antibiotics are beginning to work for them.  The meds were not doing anything for me and yesterday, this illness was rapidly getting worse.   I’ve been in bed again since we got home Thursday evening.  We returned to Kaiser last night discouraged because we’d just been there the day prior.  But the antibiotic prescribed was having no effect- It was the same med I’d taken for the food poisoning thingy last week.  Yet, this illness was rapidly getting worse and my body felt horribly weak.  The receptionist rudely took my info and made a harsh remark about not giving it time.  She said I’d be there at Urgent Care waiting for a very long time.  Nice.  I sat fighting back tears in the waiting room and texted David and the kids it was going to be at least 2 hours and to please pray that the Dr on call helps.  I texted my mom, sister and a friend to pray.  I prayed for a Dr. to take me seriously and hoped they’d prescribe some
“Big Guns.”

Within a few short minutes my name was called and a sweet nurse led me to an exam room.  I expected to be sitting there an hour.  Two minutes later a knock on the door preceded the entrance of a tall, handsome, grey haired physician who I will call 
“Dr. Angel.”  
So friendly was his countenance as he said “Christy!”  as if he knew me.  Doesn’t it feel warm when someone uses your name? 
(note to self…use people’s names more often.)
 “How are you Christy?   Christy, how can I help you?  I read your chart and saw your story, Christy!”  He used my name at least five times!  I briefly answered a few questions he had…. Then he said, “We are going to help you, Christy.  There are Bad Bugs out there- especially where you have been.   
I am going to prescribe the 

Big Guns!” 

Big Guns
  “Big Guns?”  They very words I’d hoped as I prayed not even 15 minutes prior????

He shook my hand as he left and said he was going to write out a prescription for a powerful Antibiotic.  

I waited for a nurse to return with the new prescription. 

Instead. he came in again and handed me the prescription himself and said “Follow me. Your family must be waiting so I will show you the short way out.”  Dr Angel then escorted me out a back way towards the pharmacy. “This is the short cut to save you time.  We’ve given you the “Big Guns.”  You will feel better soon …”   I thanked him profusely- although I doubt he really could imagine how grateful my heart felt.  Not only did he try hard to help, he was kind.  

Isn’t kindness powerful?

  He pointed the way towards the pharmacy building and I went on my way. Amazed. 

Wasn’t God kind!!!?  
Last night I was so ill, weak and discouraged.
Today I’ve started the new “Big Guns” antibiotic.

After getting back into bed last night, I noticed a new pain…a painful, large breast lump. A sore mass that just appeared.   
I’ll call monday to schedule a mammogram….. fun.  

Our little treasured Mohale is opening up and blooming.  He laughs and plays and calls out to Mama and Dada and calls his sisters by name.  Pictures coming soon. 


Here’s a pic of him eating his first Quesadilla:
Yep, he loved it!!!  And he loves salsa too!

The big girls are taking a lot of pics for me to use:)  From my bed, it is music to hear him laughing.  
There are countless “firsts” and we relish each one…
Learning about cats:

Mohale’s sweet voice is music in our home. 

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