Thankful Thanksgiving!! Spectacular timing of this Rainbow. Be encouraged.

Spectacular Rainbow:
Moments ago, just as our Thanksgiving meal ended, look what appeared just outside the window…

Three years ago, on November 9, 2012 (linkjust after the San Diego County Foster Adopt social worker left our home to update our home study to officially begin our wait for TWO children, a rainbow appeared in same spot. I blogged about it then and posted a pic of that rainbow exactly three years ago.  I remember clearly pondering His promise to me that HE is faithful. It felt like He was saying “follow Me and trust Me- no matter what storms come.”

Storms came.

(If you know me, you know I freaked out a lot, fretted often, worried loads and hardly slept.)

He had a more amazing plan to fulfill the desire in our hearts for
Two little boys.
Joseph from the USA and Mohale from Africa.

Two boys
(who we call our “twins”)
from two continents.
Redemption came more beautifully than we’d dared to imagine.
And now, a double rainbow appeared on Thanksgiving to wrap up a dream fulfilled.


Mohale is REALLY HOME!!!!



He’s finally ours!!!!
It’s sinking in.
Daddy’s got you!
Getting to know Buttercup
(Mohale was frightened at first, but Joseph showed him how awesome she is.)

Swinging brothers

More hugs for Buttercup
Helping Daddy bring in firewood

Learning about being gentle with Daisy

Putting up the Christmas Tree!!!
(Double trouble:)


This THANKSGIVING DAY our hearts are FULL of LOVE for 7 children around the table.

It’s hard to believe HE’S HOME!!


I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.


(Really, it did take an army behind us to adopt Mohale.  We are so grateful for each of you.)

Can I encourage you?

As I flip through pictures on our phones from the last five weeks, my heart wants to encourage others.

Is there a desire in your heart?
Perhaps that desire is for a purpose.
Perhaps, God put it there.
seek Him…
does the desire grow or subside?

What desire has God placed into your heart?
(Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart Psalm 37:4)

Bringing ALL of our children with us to AFRICA to bring Mohale home seemed

What is your
heart’s desire?

Is there something you DESIRE to reach for that seems daunting?

Do you feel like Leora did as she reached out towards this lion…?

If you jump, likely it will be scary, incredible, HARD, heartbreaking, valuable, illogical, stupid, slow, and something that will build your faith crazy huge.

(Or you can stay safe.)

 (but remember, “Safe” is a myth on this planet)

Yet, if the desire is from Him,
it tends to push you forward and not leave

So, what do we now think about taking our entire brood across the planet to bring Mohale home…?

It was incredible.

It was really REALLY HARD. 


We were warned it would be difficult.

The warnings were on target.

It was one of the MOST DIFFICULT things we’ve ever done.

It was also one of the most valuable, precious and fun…

Ianna in South Africa comforting her miracle brother that she’d prayed for and invested her savings towards
three years ago.


When we shared our plan to bring all 6 children with us to bring Mohale home,
some (including ourselves) thought we were being
(another word for stupid?)

Totally Accurate conclusion.

Bonding together with Wonder-Dad and his phone in the Hotel.


But. It was also
Kids are good for each other during hard times…

Sibling bonds began a month before we got home.

Our six children had 6 additional ways of reaching Mohale’s heart.
EACH person is uniquely gifted to uniquely give love in unique ways.

Sierra in Lesotho snuggling the brother she’d prayed for every night for the last year and a half.

The FINANCIAL ramifications of this decision were also 

It’s true.  This was
financially foolish
from a financial planning standpoint.

Traveling this large was far too pricy for rationalization- especially with now seven children
like the price of a really nice new car.

 It was a miracle that we could afford and acquire a loan to bring our entire family with us.

(To see miracles, often we must first
step out where miracles are required.)

Investments of this type cannot be measured in dollars.
The benefits will not fade like the new car would have. 
Unending and growing benefits…
Bonding of all the siblings with Mohale began a month before we arrived home.


They each will share for a lifetime with Mohale sweet memories in the place that cradled him until we came-
this place that will always be part of who he is will now always be part of who they are too.

They have a common bond.

Mohale and Ianna in doing homework Lesotho.


Our children will never be the same.
Alyssa holding her miracle brother that she prayed to have in her arms on her birthday.


They’ve witnessed the miracles they prayed for unfold around them.
They’ve learned about the benefits of risk over staying safe.
They’ve learned that God hears their prayers- even when it seemed He wasn’t listening.


Leora and Mohale modeling “Lesotho hats” given to them by World Vision when we visited our sponsored children.


All five wanted to stay longer.

All of our hearts were further broken and ache more than ever to reach children in need of love.

(Already they are asking where we will go next to care for children.)

Our hearts have been broken further and melted by seeing, holding, talking with children “like us” but who may or may not have parents and some with minimal food, water, clothes, shelter or education.


Although going without our children could have been easier, “SAFER” and “wiser”

So much would have been missed.
(It was certainly worth the panic filled sleepless nights that precluded this jump, the exorbitant financial cost, and the wear on my aging body)
Liam in Lesotho with the TWO brothers he prayed for in 2011

Thank you to all who prayed for and encouraged us on this crazy amazing trip.
We will never be the same.

That’s a GOOD thing.


And thanking HIM for

We hope that our up-and-down-and-up-again journey encourages you in whatever unique desires you have growing in your heart.




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