Liam is 12

December 2, 2015
How did our gift turn 12?

He’s growing up!

There are not words adequate to describe how humbled I feel that I get to be the mom of this hero hearted boy who’s too quickly growing into a man.

It seems like just yesterday “we” looked like this:

8 months preg with Liam
We’d chosen his name three years and two baby girls prior to his birth.
I remember when the ultrasound tech said “it’s a boy!” and my heart jumped-
out of shock-
I’d gotten the girl thing down.  But boys?
Bugs, slugs, spiders and reptiles….how could I do that?  I was the college girl who went looking for a security guard to remove spiders from my apartment at 2am.
Then this picture melted my heart
and fear of being an inadequate mom was replaced with passion for our unborn Liam:

ultrasound of Liam
And the day he was born I was further smitten:
Liam’s birth announcement pic

“Liam” means “Unwavering protector”
When a tarantula found it’s way into my bedroom last summer, who did I scream for??
Carefully he carried the monster up to his pond and released it safely under a pile of logs.  Daily Liam doctored the critter until it was strong and healthy.


He protects his sisters- The older ones and the little ones.

(Often way more than they want to be protected)

He’s always been surrounded by sisters:)


Looking a little outnumbered.


Whoooo do they call when they are screaming the freaked-out-bug dance????

Who gets them to smile again when they are blue?
Liam has a way with his girls…

Our world NEEDS men who know how to love.

You love your sisters.
I’m so PROUD of my young and impassioned, protective, brilliant, artistic son.

When we were in the midst of adopting our little girls, Liam’s heart broke as we were exposed to foster children who’s lives had been shattered.
He would often ask, Mom, why can’t we adopt more kids?

Liam and his two big sisters eagerly wanted us to adopt again.

Being outnumbered,
Liam requested a brother!
Then he made a really specific request because of his love for his little sisters…

“God, can he be black like my little sister?”

As time went on his prayer changed to
“God, can we adopt two little brothers?”

We all deeply wanted to adopt again-
but it was Liam who prayed specifically for “two little brothers- who look like my little sisters.”

Answered prayers


Liam insisted on carrying Mohale to the visa Dr. appointment when we were in Johannesburg last month. Hours after this pic was taken, Liam began to get sick…
He looks so sick in this pic.  It has taken weeks for him to physically strong again.


A day doesn’t go by that Liam isn’t by my side helping me with his four little siblings.

He adores them.

You are a gift from heaven beyond my wildest imaginations-
You amaze me with your creative heart of compassion, protection and incredible adventurous nature.
Your character is strong.
I’m honored to be your mom and more grateful and proud of you than words can describe.

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