Attaching beautifully. Amazed. Grateful to those who loved him first.

for those whose hearts broke for Mohale
(and countless other voiceless treasures.)


This post is a brief update on our newest son’s adjustment.
We’ve been HOME for nearly three months.  It feels like a dream in many ways because it had become “normal” to hope and pray and wait for the day we could go to Africa for him.

Mohale’s adjustment has caused a
gratefulness explosion
in my heart
towards people who lay their hearts down.
Because of those who allowed their hearts to be broken,
Mohale’s adjustment has been remarkable!
AND far easier than we’d anticipated.

Mohale has bonded and attached to us sweetly.  Children who have been securely attached to a caretaker are more able to attach to their new families.  Foster parents and orphanage workers basically must be willing to have their hearts broken so that children like Mohale can have their hearts healed.

In the beginning, Mohale was quiet and reserved.  This was expected.  But what we did not anticipate was a smooth transition from his reserved, unattached place into a place in our family that is secure and bonded within this short amount of time.  I am truly blown away.  We’d anticipated attachment issues for months to come.  This just is not the case with our sweet Mohale.
The roots of his heart are grounded beautifully and growing more secure each day.

For this, we have God and the amazing people at 
Beautiful Gate Orphanage to thank. 

A little peek at a day in the life of our “twins” from near and far:
What little sisters do for little brothers:)

What happens when the little boys find their sister’s lipstick:
He runs to me and David as his parents and clings on tight when approached
by those he does not know.
Attachment like this is beautiful for a child who only came into our family three months ago.
This month he began calling out “mama” or “dada!” in the night when he has a bad dream.
Again, fast attachment behavior.
When kind friends reach out to touch him or ask to hold him, he responds with hesitation and looks to our face for reassurance.  Seriously?!!  Mohale!  You are adjusting incredibly!

His anticipated hoarding behaviors are giving way to sharing.  This morning he ran and got Joseph a toy and a bottle and gave him a big hug.  Here’s the pic:


Grateful and filled with love for our treasured miracle “twins” from near and far.
To those who are foster parents and those who work in orphanages and to those who in other ways lend your hearts to children in need,

Thank you for allowing your hearts to love and be broken-  Over and over again.

Children’s broken hearts are healed 
because you are willing to be broken-hearted.

You are creating a ripple effect of love that will carry on throughout generations.
Your example inspires us to be brave.


There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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