Mohale is three!!

April 14, 2016
Mohale is 3!!!
Three years ago today my son was born into our broken world. 
His first mother’s heart broke. 
Three young heroes on their early morning walk to college found newborn Mohale abandoned, alone, and crying in a ditch. 
 Mohale was named after one of these three Heroes who rescued him.
Although we did not know of Mohale, 
God had a plan. 

The week of his birth was the exact week we began the adoption process as the first American parents to adopt from Lesotho under the new HAGUE accreditation.
 (To this date our son is the only Lesotho child to be adopted and brought home by an American family under the new accreditation.  Please pray for waiting children.)  

One year unfolded-
He was loved by many beautiful hearts and thrived in the arms of those at Beautiful Gate Orphanage who prayed for his adoption-
Beautiful people with beautiful hearts surrendered to love Mohale fully so his heart could be someday healed.

Mohale has bonded and attached incredibly because of those at the orphanage who loved him beautifully in the wait.
His referral to our family came when he was 10 months old.
Referral picture:

Two years ago today, our hearts ached to go and bring our Mohale home for his
1st Birthday
But red tape kept us away and we celebrated his 1st birthday apart.
Another year went by-
One year ago today we were in the midst of more adoption red tape and our hearts ached to hold him on his 
2nd birthday.
Another year has gone-
A rich year indeed- that included a trip to Lesotho❤️. 
Today we celebrate our son’s first birthday home as he turns

Mohale, you are beautiful. 
Your heart is gentle and strong. 
Your mind is sharp, clear and bright. 
And we treasure you, our precious, adored, gentle
Friends from near and far celebrated your adoption and birth with us this week.
Our arms and hearts are full.
For those who wait and wait on dreams to be fulfilled,
don’t give up.

Habakkuk 2:3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time;
it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
it will surely come; it will not delay.


  1. We at Beautiful Gate were blessed to have had Mohale in our arms for the time he was with us. Our hearts are overjoyed that the family that God designed from the beginning of creation now has him in their arms and is celebrating God's 3 years of faithfulness and looking forward to many many more years of God's faithfulness in Mohlae's life.


  2. Terp!
    Your comment made my heart sing! Thank u! You loved Mohale and continue to love treasures like him, beautifully- no doubt so beautifully that your heart breaks. I was disappointed to miss meeting u in person when we came for Mohale! It was a gift to meet many who love hurting, vulnerable children on the front lines


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