CBS-8 Story from 2012. Freaking out and grateful as we prepare for update.

I’m nervous and reminiscing with a full heart today as we prepare for CBS-8 to do an updated profile on our family. Is this really happening? We are imperfect, broken and my heart often trembles and feels weak…We are the ones who could have easily believed that this journey was for others far stronger. Yet, the boys are our sons! It happened!! IT HAPPENED! Gratefulness overflows.
The old video above was made 5 years ago this month. Liam asked for a little brother- his request is seen at the end of this video that CBS-8 profiled of our family. That same week, our kids prayed for two children with special needs. Two years after this video was taken, the county asked if we’d foster Joseph. days after Joseph was in our arms, we learned of Mohale in Africa. It was a crazy, indescribably difficult road. YET THE GIFT OF LOVING THEM IS BEYOND MEASURE. I cringe at the thought that we could have stayed “safe” as many advised and not pursued them.

On the right side of our CBS-8 video page,  notice many more videos of children who need homes right now.  Each one would be an HONOR to love…

Even if adoption is not an option or desire, there are many other ways to touch these precious ones.


Today, CBS-8 will be filming an update. Please pray that hearts are moved to wrap around vulnerable treasures. These broken hearts are worth the risk of a broken heart.  I’ve got to say, What is the desire of your heart? Whether or not it has anything to do with orphans- Likely that desire is within you for a purpose! You were made for a purpose! Your giftedness AND your brokenness can be hope for others!

Go for it…


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