The cowboys: When I am weak, He is faithful.

Little cowboys💕.
This tower where they play was built by a man who knew the pain of being an orphan.
He told us of his childhood spent behind bars of an orphanage.
He’d felt the ripping, bloody loneliness of abandonment and vulnerability.
Peering through iron bars as a child, his ache felt some remnants of comfort as hymns rang out from a stone church bell tower near the orphanage.
This beautiful man, now adopted by our Heavenly Father, built this tower as a symbol of hope for the fatherless- “Our Father is our Strong Tower.”
 Long before we knew who they were, tears and gut wrenching prayers were spilled in this stone tower over these two little cowboys.
Their story unfolded across two continents and required miracles.
Now as our sons play in this place where prayers were weak and afraid over their lives, my heart melts with love and amazement. He is faithful when I am afraid.
Now, the ones who designed and built this tower in the center of our home, have given their hearts to reach the hearts of girls caught in the claws of human trafficking.  Check out their beautifully unfolding passion here: Seeds of Hope
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