The Princess and the Frog

Sierra is a princess in so many ways….Our girl is a survivor and a world changer who has overcome horrible, mountainous obstacles with grace and perseverance.   And now, she gives love to oh so many- even these tiny creatures are touched by her.

Yesterday, Sierra, our earthy, princess miracle girl  who loves dresses and dirt, happened to be playing with frogs-

For hours, she was capturing them, loving them and setting them free.

Again, as I experienced the temptation to let tears well up over the gift of being her mom,  my camera clicked away, capturing the magic of her imaginative play.

Here are some of the results….

Princess and the frog:




DSC02005 2.jpg



She looked away for a brief moment….DSC02104.jpg

To the Princess’ dismay, her little frog prince was an opportunist….

“Mom!!!  He got away!”DSC02206

Yet, there’s no doubt, our little princess will find another tiny frog prince to love…


Treasures await her beneath the lily pads…

Is adoption on your heart?  Is something on your heart that seems crazy, hard or impossible?  Can I encourage you-  Dare to jump.  Dare to run towards the hard places He may be calling you towards… Don’t miss out.  I absolutely shudder to think a most horrific truth- we could have missed this precious gift of Sierra.  

We could have missed this honor.  We could have stayed safe when others warned us to stay safe.  I was scared to the point of anxiety attacks.  We could have listened to our fears instead of the passion that He had used to call us out towards adoption.    You may be scared crazy stiff-  like I was.  But, we don’t have to listen to our fears.  We can step out in spite of them- trembling.  And then, He who spoke this child’s life into being, and met us there on the roaring waves with Sierra in His arms… will be the One to meet you too…

To experience true miracles, one must step out to where miracles are required.


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