Celebrating two of our little hero’s who set my heart free from fear


119E81B7-3589-47ED-B118-5CE8AA787429💕Seven years ago, these words beautifully changed our lives… “We have the newborn sister of Sierra in our custody. Can you foster her?”

7 years ago today, miraculously, one-year-old Sierra held newborn Alyssa who was birthed into our heart’s through the same precious birthmother.

Watching their unmistakable connection as Sierra held her newborn Alyssa further broke me. “What if’s” screamed into my heart making it difficult to breathe… “What if the system separates them?” “What if they are hurt?” What if our hearts grieve?” “What if….what if….what if…”

Panic ensued daily like crashing waves as His true LOVE for our precious foster daughters pushed us passionately further into their bleeding world.

“Perfect love casts out all fear…”  I’d heard that often as a child.  Yet, it wasn’t until love for invaluable treasures gripped our hearts, that it made sense.  The feelings of fear did not leave.  However, a passionate love for them pushed us forward anyway.

Perfect love pushed us into the very heart of a storm even though my heart trembled the entire time.

Love overcomes fear. I was scared.  Each of our adoption journeys were far more difficult than we could have imagined.  And WORTH EVERY TEAR. We would do it a million times over if that’s what it took to love them. Love for them set me free from Fear’s shackles.  Fear of a broken heart could not hold us back from the ones who’s hearts were already broken.
Their broken hearts were worth the breaking of mine.  So break my heart- slaughter it if need be. These treasures are worth every tear, panic attack and sleepless night.  These precious angels, are worth my life.

Some recall my desperate plea for prayers over their lives.

Mountains moved.

14 months later we were beyond honored to adopt Sierra and Alyssa. Together. Our daughters.


What risk for love is calling you out of a “safe” or comfortable place? Maybe it’s a waiting child. Maybe it’s something or someone entirely different. What passion has He placed within that refuses to remain quiet?

He will not force us to follow Him into the places where He awaits…  “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself…” Luke 9:23

He invites us.

He invites us to see Him.

As one who is exceedingly weak and fearful by nature, I’m pleading with you…

Don’t miss out. Let Love push you through in spite of fear. Be willing to feel pain. Be willing to break and fail.  He will pull you back up again-  you do not do this alone, but with the One who has asked us to follow Him into the dark places where invaluable treasures await.  Jewels.
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