Happy anniversary to us

19 years later… We were married on a cold and windy Dec 6, 1998 in San Clemente CA

Storms against our new family descended immediately.

It seems to me that the most incredible rainbows arise after raging, dark storms. Our lives are lit by unexpected rainbows.

You melt my heart. Daily. While our culture whispers “but what about retirement…. what about vacations… what about those nice things… what if your heart’s break…what if you loose…..”. Our hearts did break and bled profusely.

And then i watched you, like a warrior, turn instead and run harder towards hearts trapped in darkness- hearts whose voices no one heard but God- hearts who now call you “Daddy.”

Those hearts now run to you. They are rainbows of indescribable beauty- treasures who fill our lives with irreplaceable love.

David, you are incredible and rare in a world that exults power, safety and comfort. Daily you sacrifice for us.

At each birth, through each adoption, and within each storm life has raged into our lives so far, my heart melted as you daily lay your life down for us.

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