Surprised by a childhood Dream…

7 years ago, the oldest kids laid down their dream of owning a horse.  They wanted a horse to love and ride and to be a companion to their mini pony.


For two years they saved their dollars earned towards their Dream. But then, their young hearts were broken by the broken hearts of their treasured little sisters as we went through the foster adoption process.


“Mom and Dad, please use our pony fund to adopt again. Kids need homes more than we need a horse.“ They talked of foster children and of waiting orphans in Africa.

In the dark, early the next morning on my knees, my tears flowed “God, please honor their heart and faith, if this is Your heart, please turn their $2000 into $30k to pay for an adoption from Africa.”

Four hours later, in the chaos of children, breakfast and potty training, my iPhone rang with an unexpected miracle…The IRS would be giving us over $28,000. We opened an adoption bank account with that miracle.


Seven years, countless more crazy miracles and two precious little brothers later,
their childhood dream has trotted gently and unexpected into our lives.
Meet their Dream….
#daretoDream, #daretorisk, #imperfecttiming #faithofchildren, #treasuresindarkness






IMG_3386IMG_3524 2.jpg


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