Broken hearts need hope…

Comfort others with the comfort you’ve been given… 1 Corinthians 1:4

Tears of grief, laced with anxiety attacks, insomnia and depression… this is the normal of for too many who suffer from hearts that have been shattered.  Tired mama’s of children from hard places sit alone behind bathroom doors.  The weight of failure and exhaustion are chains she drags through her day- one hour at a time.   Often we support women in abusive marriages who silently endure in misplaced shame.   In silence many suffer from anxiety and depression feeling completely alone.

But there’s hope.

In this season, as I struggle to parent our own beloved ones, my heart is drawn to others who struggle alone.  We have tasted life-giving hope in our own dark and tear-stained places.  Hope like this needs to be shared with those who do not yet see it.  David and I talked about it often last year.  The need for hope in this valley is great.  Together we pondered and prayed about me returning part time to my career as a professional counselor/therapist.

Doors fell wide open.

So here I go again, back into professional counseling as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for broken hearts in need of hope.

Please pray behind us for this live-giving hope to be shared and found.



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