You are the beauty in someones hard place.


My heart feels like it’s literally drowning in failure, overwhelm and discouragement today- and in gratefulness.

This morning was horribly difficult and intense with between caring for my father and our beloved little ones who struggle.

I am grateful for this rare moment alone to regroup on a beautiful and quiet spring day before heading in to bring our treasures all home from each of their schools.

Savoring this truth: I am deeply grateful for such amazing neighbors and friends and family in this season. Love each of you.

I am deeply grateful for the strength that each of you so often are- often without you even realizing it- and always at the perfect time.

I have beautiful neighbors, friends and family- beyond what I’d ever dreamed could be possible. You are each like angels to us in the overwhelming places of life.

Praying that you realize today just how beautiful you each are.  

Perhaps that’s another treasure in darkness- that because of hard times, your life-giving beauty is seen so brightly.

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