October 30, 2015
This morning the boys were playing in this linen closet.  Joseph loves to do “pull-ups.”  Mohale wasn’t quite sure what to think of this behavior…
Then, it was like Joseph noticed his new brother’s apprehension.  He stopped playing and went over and put his arms around “Haw lay…”  
Sweet new beginnings.
This last two days have been remarkable.  Mohale has been playing and laughing, running and being silly…he has even dared to say “”NO!” which means he’s starting to feel safe enough to set his own boundaries!
Update October 31
What a difference a day makes!  Thank u for your prayers:)

We are having a blast with precious Mohale.  I’ll post video and more pics once internet is better.
Today we are being taken up far into the mountains to spend a night in a traditional Basotho home.  The owner of the guest house we are enjoying wants us to experience true Basotho culture.   She comes from generations of animal herders and the home they are taking us to has no electricity or plumbing.  We can hardly wait!
Check back later for updates.

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