Mohale’s first trip to the Ocean.

Mohale’s first time to see the ocean. 

We’ve been hanging out at home during our adjustment season.
This week, it felt wonderful to get out to our favorite beach!
Crashing loud, blue waves, white gulls peeping and smell and feel of salty,
cool water and smooth sand…

Pure happy therapy.

One personal goal was to get a pic of all seven to replace my main blog photo.
Seriously, I wasn’t patient enough.  I knew I should introduce him to the ocean first, but I was hyper-

“OHHH Everyone, pleeaase, just stand together first really fast for a fast picture for me!!!”

The waves were beautifully LOUD and our precious Mohale was certain it was going to eat us all!
In an instant he was flying away from Liam and that beast behind them….
Leora has a way of coaching anyone into stepping out.
Within 20 minutes, he had a tantrum because we wouldn’t let him go into the water alone:)
watching seagulls
Me too!
Safe in Daddy’s hands
Oh my!  Liam is tall!!!!!

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