Home almost 4 weeks

Update after 4 weeks home:

Where do I begin?

We are counting our blessings as Christmas approaches.  He’s home- our hearts desire.

Mohale is doing amazing.
 Our family has been to the Dr. over 16 times in the last 3 1/2 weeks.
After multiple Dr’s visits, blood draws and other labs, Liam got to be transported by ambulance.  All labs came back with no red flags.  We concluded that 60 lb boys would be wise not to lift and leverage 200 lb rocks into their pond unassisted.  Due to youth, he escaped hemorrhoids-  but perhaps such strain resulted in a busted or inflamed blood vessel?  More Dr. visits are scheduled.  However, he’s feeling healthy.
Bonus:  He went from being freaked out by needles to almost bored by blood tests.
Fear is quite a monster.  
Actually, because of fear, we owe $3000 to the ambulance company.  Turns out that Liam’s excruciating gut pain which panicked us all into dialing 911 was likely from too many tortilla chips and cheetos and not at all related to the initial symptoms that had us all concerned.  (Although I’d call that ambulance again- can’t be too careful.)
My ultrasound and mammogram are tonight.
That’s the Dr.’s belief and resulted in great relief.  Yet we are being prudent-
Being a mom has made me a hypochondriac. I’m okay with that.
Mohale is HEALTHY! 
Besides Liam and Mohale, the other 5 kids are recovering from various stages of a cold…
I love that it’s only a cold and our children are home.  
My heart breaks for children who are coughing in the winter cold right now without warm blankets and without warm hearts…. 
(food, clothing, shelter, medication, parents……the needs are overwhelming.)
My heart breaks for families who didn’t hear the words “benign” at a Dr. Appointment.

 OH Dear Lord, please help us to reach more vulnerable treasures with comfort in this cruel world.

Parenting update?
Here’s a kicker.
We were prepared for an intensly DIFFICULT road.  Our eyes were (and are) wide open.
 (Parenting is hard with one or two or seven.)
(Somehow one was harder than seven.)
(Except on days where several are tantruming, and others are having diaper blow outs
all at the same time…)
It is so far EASIER having Mohale home than before we had him!
The relief that comes with having him safe is energizing.
A sibling bond forming between our two little boys is priceless.
I looked up to see them holding hands!  The girls were laughing.
Buttercup was under the table doing clean up duty. Good dog.]
Deer Trail / Buttercup Tale:
Baby J struggled physically during his infancy.
Nearly every feeding for the first year of his life ended up as vomit- He could really launch it…
Buttercup seriously sent me into a gagging spree the first time she noisily lapped up his vomit- thought my eyes would pop out as I Screammed  “BUTTERCUP!!!!…GAG  Out!  GAG  OHHHH  GAGG  STOP!!!  GAG…”
but we quickly grew to appreciate her skill.
(We all do a double take when we see dogs “kiss” owners faces….  AAAAAK)

Joseph continues to sleep better at night- likely due to Mohale’s influence!
During the day they play, learn to share (fight), and pal around together.  They look for each other. This afternoon only 10 minutes into nap time two giggling boys found their way back to the living room dragging teddy bears behind them.  They taught each other how to escape their cribs!!

Yes, both were beaming.

The little big sisters clearly enjoy having two little brothers to nurture and boss…

I HIGHLY recommend the large “playpen” (cage?) above- good for all ages.
Thank you again for all of your prayers and incredible encouragement.

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