Remembering the gift

Four years ago today, Joseph Jaedon was placed into our arms in the Babies R Us parking lot.


Tears stilI arise as if we were there all over again. At this moment, four years ago, I sat in the back seat of our car gazing in disbelief at an infant whose life had stolen our hearts.
I posted two weeks ago of the day we learned of his birth.
Yet, I didn’t reveal the frightening glitch that occurred after that phone call.
A distant relative had agreed to take this treasure. We “only had his sisters.”
For two weeks we jumped through countless hoops and spent hours on the phone.
On January 31, 2014 morning broke over grief that would not let me breathe. Rain trickled down windows as I stared from my bed through cruel imaginations of what his life could be like.
I’d spent the night awake- wondering where he’d end up. Who would raise him? Would this beloved biological brother to our youngest daughters be raised away from them and us? Would he be harmed? I grieved horrifically while fighting anxiety.
As a social worker, memories of children whose lives had been shattered as a result of child abuse screamed through my heart and and soul.

Fear. Clenched. Hard.
I could not get out of bed.
The iPhone that had revealed his birth ten days prior rang on the dusty bedside. My stomach tightened, wondering what fate awaited the infant we’d never seen but loved fiercely.
The voice of an angel spoke- the same social worker who revealed his birth to me ten days prior. “Christy, are you sitting down?” I could hardly answer… “You’ve got your baby! It has been arranged for your family to pick him up today.”

Three hours later we met his first foster mom in a Babies R Us parking lot. She slid open the door of her white minivan where his infant car seat was secured.

Invited to peer in, I gently pulled back the hood.

Looking down, my first sight of him literally brought breath back into my lungs. Too tiny, his precious face was framed by a mop of smooth ebony hair. Forever will I treasure that first sight of him- my youngest son.


This day, we r celebrating again!!!! Adopted littles get a birthday party AND a coming home party💕

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